5 Reasons to Hire Insurance Lawyers

Filing insurance claims and dealing with your insurance provider can be an overwhelming task for many people. Insurance lawyers uphold the rights of policyholders and fight to make sure they get what they need. Here are five reasons why you might need to hire one.

1. Help Filing Valid Claims

Insurance policies can be very detailed and very confusing. An insurance attorney can help you to understand exactly what the terms are and how they would apply in a particular case. They also can help you to file valid and well-supported claims when you suffer a loss that your insurance policy should cover.

2. When a Valid Claim Is Rejected

According to Forbes, insurers in Texas have up to 15 business days to approve or deny your claim. An insurer can extend the decision-making period to 45 days by notifying you with a valid reason for the delay during the initial 15-day period. Insurance lawyers can help clients whose valid claims are rejected based on false pretenses or when the claims decision is made after the 15 or 45-day timeframe.

3. Settlement Payment Delayed or Reduced Unfairly

Many insurers like to low-ball customers with settlement offers that are much lower than they should be or delay payment beyond the state-allowed period. It’s especially tempting for someone who’s recovering from injuries or who’s trying to rebuild after damages occur to accept a lowball settlement offer. Insurance lawyers can help to prevent the acceptance of substandard settlements and fight to get you the money you deserve.

4. Insurance Policy Canceled for No Valid Reason

Some insurers might try to get out of paying a valid claim by suddenly canceling an insurance policy without just cause. Whenever an insurer intends to cancel a policyholder’s insurance coverage, it must notify that person in writing and by citing at least one valid reason. Insurance lawyers can help to hold insurers accountable and enforce policy terms when unlawful cancellations occur.

5. Insurance Lawyers Contact You

You might have been in a car accident, suffered an injury that triggered a premises liability claim, or something else might have happened that caused a lawyer from your insurance company to contact you. That attorney is representing the insurer and will be fighting for their best interests. Your attorney can handle the matter and all communications with them so you won’t have to.

The right legal representation has a substantial impact on your ability to get the proper compensation. If you’re in need of insurance lawyers who will fight for your rights, call Wegmann Law Firm today. Our experts are able to help guide you through the process and work with your best interests in mind.