Do You Need an Insurance Dispute Attorney?

Most people around the country have some kind of insurance, and many of them have also experienced some kind of issue when trying to resolve a claim. When you just can’t get an insurance company to pay you what you’re owed, an insurance dispute attorney can step in and look out for your needs. Sometimes, there’s no other way to solve a problem with an insurance company, and you have to protect yourself with legal representation.

Take homeowners insurance for example. According to Quicken Loans, 93% of homeowners have insurance on their property, and one in 20 of them file a claim each year. if you’re one of the people filing a claim to cover damages to your home, you’re going to expect the insurance company to follow through. But sometimes, insurance companies resist payouts they’re legally obligated to deliver. Let’s find out more about the ways insurance dispute attorneys fight for their clients and how to tell if you might need one.

What Do Insurance Dispute Lawyers Do?

These attorneys are specialized in insurance law, and their job is to provide legal advice and representation addressing the legality of claims and policies. Sometimes, they have to take cases to court because there could be issues between the insurance company and the person trying to make a claim.

The most common insurance claims are made to cover property damage, car accidents, medical procedures, disabling injuries, and more. When you hire an insurance dispute attorney, they will give you a better idea of the validity of your claim, what you can expect from the claims process, and if there are any legal loopholes in your insurance policy.

Most of the time, these attorneys don’t take a retainer or salary. Instead, they get paid on contingency, meaning they get a percentage of your payout if you win. If you don’t win, you generally won’t pay for their services.

When Do You Need to Hire an Insurance Dispute Attorney?

If you have any questions about an insurance claim, it’s best to get the advice of a lawyer. For example, some insurance companies will try to pay less than what they are contractually obligated to pay. In these cases, insurance dispute attorneys can get you the funds you need to recover financially from an accident or life-altering event.

Most of the cases insurance dispute lawyers handle have to do with suing the insurer for a certain amount, negotiating a settlement for personal injury cases, and getting the correct amount of money a claim demands. Whether a claim is denied or underpaid, a lawyer can work to create a solid legal case that will hold the insurance company to the terms of their policies and contracts. Since lawyers are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws surrounding insurance claims, they will know how much your insurance company owes you and why. Without this information, fighting for the money you’re owed is likely to fail.

If you’re in any situation where you were underpaid by an insurance company, your best option is to hire an insurance lawyer. Do you think you need legal representation? Contact Wegmann Law Firm today for a free consultation from an insurance dispute attorney.