workers compensation claim

If you suffer a workplace injury in Missouri, workers’ compensation benefits are often the best and swiftest way for you to pay for medical care and address your inability to earn a wage. The workers’ compensation program in Missouri is meant to give employees like you access to these benefits without having to prove many of the elements of a traditional personal injury case, such as fault.

Many Workers’ Compensation Claims Settle

Unlike other types of personal injury cases, it is rare for a workers’ compensation claim to be contested. Many of these claims are settled by the parties out of court because the law concerning these claims and the benefits injured workers receive is clear. It is simply not advantageous for either injured employees or the insurers to litigate their differences.

This does not mean that all workers’ compensation claims will reach a settlement quickly. In some cases, the injured worker might have their claim settled within a matter of a few weeks. In other cases, it can take months before the worker and the insurer have reached an agreement.

How Long Will Your Case Take to Settle? Three Factors to Consider

Every Missouri workers’ compensation case is different, and even cases that have similar facts might take different amounts of time to settle. Three important factors that can dictate how long it will take your case to reach a conclusion include:

How Quickly Your Injury is Reported

Once you are hurt on the job, it is important that you promptly report your injury to your employer so the workers’ compensation claims process can begin. This should be done within 30 days of your accident; however, the quicker you do so, the sooner the claims process can begin and the sooner a settlement can be reached.

Your Efforts in Prosecuting Your Claim

Notifying your employer is not the only task you must fulfill to receive workers’ compensation benefits. There is additional information you will need to provide and other steps for you to complete. Completing these tasks in a timely manner can help your case reach a satisfactory conclusion more swiftly than if you delayed in getting these tasks done.

Any Preexisting Conditions You Might Have

A common source of contention in workers’ compensation claims is whether you have any preexisting conditions and, if so, how much of your present injury is truly attributable to your workplace accident. The more complex and pervasive your preexisting condition, the more time it can take to sort the issue out and reach an agreement.

Your Hillsboro Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is a Call Away

If you have been injured on the job in Hillsboro, call (636) 797-2665 and ask Wegmann Law for representation. You can also reach us online. We will put our legal skills and resources to work  investigating your workers compensation claim and negotiating a fair and just resolution with the insurer. If an agreement cannot be reached, you can trust the skill and advocacy of Wegmann Law to take your matter to trial.