most common personal injury cases

Almost every person will experience a personal injury at some point during their lives. Sadly, most of these situations are unavoidable and will force individuals to change every part of their day-to-day experiences. From needing to seek out medical care, to missing time at work, to dealing with emotional trauma, all personal injuries are serious matters. 

With this in mind, it is important to understand the most common personal injury cases in Missouri. Not only can this help people avoid preventable injuries, but it can also help them understand their legal rights after an accident. The legal team at the Wegmann Law Firm is ready to represent your interests after you suffer an injury due to another’s negligence or violent act.

Most Personal Injuries are the Result of Accidents

When most people suffer a personal injury, it is the result of an accident. However, this does not mean that another person or company is not to blame. A concept of law called negligence means that certain people assume a duty to protect others. Typical examples of this dynamic include:

  • Driving a car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Maintaining property in a safe state for visitors
  • Ensuring a safe workplace
  • Keeping dogs and other animals under control
  • Providing proper medical care

As a result, the most common personal injury cases in Missouri include those that result from traffic collisions, slips and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents. Missouri Revised Statute § 516.120 says that most people have five years after an accident to seek out compensation. However, a variety of factors may shorten this time limit. An attorney at the Wegman Law Firm could help evaluate the actions of others to determine if their actions or failure to provide protection were negligent. If so, they are ready to take the lead in seeking out the compensation you deserve.

Injuries may also Come About from Another’s Intentional Acts

While most personal injuries are the consequence of accidents, others are the result of acts of violence. Perhaps the simplest example is physical contact that results in an injury. Something as simple as pushing another person can create legal liability if that person falls to the ground and endures an injury. In these cases, the person who does the pushing is responsible for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and emotional traumas.

These simple assaults are the most common source of personal injuries in Missouri that result from intentional acts of violence. However, other examples can include:

  • Intentionally crashing a vehicle
  • Setting traps that harm visitors
  • Arson
  • Sexual assault

An attorney could help people who are the victims of crimes to seek compensation in civil lawsuits that are separate from any criminal charges that the State may pursue.

Most Common Personal Injury Cases in Missouri are the Product of Accidents

Everyday, a variety of situations occur that require us to provide care to others. Something as simple as driving to work or inviting a guest into our homes creates a legal duty to protect others from harm. Failing to provide this protection that results in harm to others means that a person or company is negligent. Negligent parties must provide compensation to their victims.

Most personal injury cases in Missouri result from these accidents. These can include traffic collisions, slips and falls, and even medical malpractice. In rarer cases, intentional acts of violence, like assaults, can cause injuries. The legal team at the Wegmann Law Firm is ready to listen to your story and determine if it is likely that another party is responsible for your losses. Contact us now to learn more.