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Missouri workers’ compensation benefits can help you meet the costs of treating a workplace injury or illness. However, medical bills and treatment expenses are only a few of the financial burdens an on-the-job injury causes. Missing any amount of time from work can impact your family’s finances, and so you might legitimately wonder if your Missouri workers’ comp benefits include compensation for lost wages.

The good news is that Missouri workers’ compensation program does offer reimbursement for lost wages in some cases. The bad news is that this benefit is not as comprehensive as you might think, which could mean you and your family will face some hardship as a result of your workplace accident.

When You Become Eligible for Lost Wages Benefits

If you are sick or hurt on the job, you will need to leave work to get medical care and treatment. The time that you miss from work would generally not be compensated. Nor would you receive any workers’ compensation wage benefits for the first three business days that you miss from work. 

You would not be entitled to lost wages benefits (called “temporary total disability” benefits) until the fourth business day after your accident, and such benefits would continue so long as you are unable to work. Once you have been off of work for 14 days, wages for the first three business days you missed would be retroactively paid.

These benefits would continue until you return to work because you have reached the point of your maximum medical improvement or your employer offered you work you could perform as you continue to recover. If you fail to return to work, your lost wages benefits could cease.

Calculating Your Lost Wages Benefit

Even when you do qualify for lost wages benefits under Missouri’s workers’ compensation program, you will not receive the full amount of your wages. Instead, Missouri calculates its temporary total disability benefit as two-thirds of your average weekly wages. This amount is typically paid weekly to you for as long as your remain unable to work.

For example, suppose that your average weekly wage over the past several months comes out to $600.00 per week. You are then hurt on the job and off from work for eight weeks. While you are off of work, you could expect to receive temporary total disability benefits of $400.00 per week. 

Get the Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Deserve

When you cannot work due to an injury or illness sustained on the job, be certain you are receiving the full amount of benefits you deserve. The Hillsboro workers’ compensation law firm of Wegmann Law Firm is experienced and well-versed in all aspects of Missouri’s workers’ compensation program. We will help you understand the benefits you are entitled to under the law and help you obtain them.

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